To Choose the RAID Repair that’s the Best

Monday, August 3, 2015 at 10:23 am

It’s a digital world that we live in. Keeping records on paper and taking notes with a pen and notebook have been fiercely replaced with tablets, laptops and smartphones. People don’t call anymore and most business transactions are done via e-mail. Instead of investing money into filing cabinets businesses are investing money in hard drive storage solutions and beefing up their technical support. A lot of businesses employ a RAID set up for their servers which allows them to be more productive and to protect themselves, even if only slightly, from the major upheaval that can ensure when systems are down.

If you’re not a very technical person you probably realize that turning your computer off and on again isn’t going to solve all of your problems. There are some problems that are even too much for those in the tech support section of the company. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of technicians make is assuming they know how to maintain and repair a RAID set up. It’s not always that easy and it’s important to know what to look for in a recovery service in case your RAID set up goes up in smoke on you.

Since RAIDs are basically created out of various hard drives and controller software it’s important to understand that they are prone to some of the same issues plain hard drives are exposed to like physical and logistical failure of the hard drive itself. It’s also extremely important to recognize that there are also going to be extra concerns as well. Like if your controller software goes nuts or if you have a multiple hard drive failure at once. It’s times like these that you need a professional and that may mean looking beyond the tech support you currently have.

You want to make sure that you select a company that can prove their worth with RAID systems and that they are professionals in their field. There are some qualities you’ll want to look out for when you are researching a company so let’s talk about them so we are all on the same page.

Experience is number one when you are looking for a reputable repair service. As previously mentioned RAID set ups use multiple hard drives but they are more work than your standard hard drive repair. You want to go with a data recovery service that has experience with the nuances of RAID array failures and has recovered hundreds in the past. This is your data, your livelihood we are talking about so you don’t want to mess around.

Once you’ve figured out if they’ve got experience or not take a look at how their help and support services are set up. Are they available 24/7? If they are you know you can get in touch with someone even if your servers go down at 3am. What channels do they use for communication? The best ones will use a combination of telephone, online live chat and e-mail to keep in touch with their clients. This is also important because you want to ensure you are kept up to speed on the recovery process.

Once you’ve got that sorted you want to ensure they have good security. Do they use encryption? Have their facilities been inspected by a third-party? Do they have a cleanroom and what sort of credentials does it have? You want to ensure that your business secrets don’t suddenly go missing or that your hard drives suffer additional damage from not being repaired in the proper environment. Good companies will proudly display their certifications on their websites and there are some that have video tours of their facilities so you can see exactly what everything looks like. It’s better not to go into something this serious blind if you don’t have to.


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