Granny Warriors on the Road

In order to continue our work we need the support of all fellow patriots. We will do the work, we will put ourselves and our property on the line and publicly.

We will continue handing out information in printed form as well as speaking in public against the UN-Constitutional form of government ruling us now.

We will continue to expose the UN agenda, the Federal Reserve and most importantly oppose the unification of our country with Mexico and Canada.

We fight against the Trans Texas Corridor or the "Road to Ruin" for our country and our labor force.

We openly support and work for Ron Paul for our next President

With the cost of gas being so high we are forced to ask each of you to help us stay on the road. With each donation of a gallon of gas we can go approximately 11 miles. Ten (10) gallons will carry us about 100 miles.

Help keep us on the road and moving. Donate a gallon or more of gas today. None of these donations will be used for our personal comforts and needs, we supply those ourselves. Each donation will be totally used for fuel and upkeep on the vehicle.

See the home page on the upper right hand side for the latest news letters of where we have been and where we plan on going.

Please Donate Now.

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